Our Sponsor Wish List

Veteran’s for Diversity, Inc. (VFDI) is very thankful for those who will “spare” the time and “strike” up the enthusiasm to join in the fun to bowl or cheer on their friends at our inaugural ‘Pins For Patriots’ on Saturday, June 2, 2018! To make our event a truly unique experience we need your help to sponsor items on our Wish List.

With your sponsorship, we’ll proudly display your logo on our website with a description of your company or organization. Also, we'll brag all over social media about the “wish you granted”. Thank you for your support!

  • T-Shirt Sponsor
  • Military Challenge Coin – Anniversary Edition Sponsor
  • VFDI Annual USA & LGBT+ Pride Awards Sponsor
  • Specialty Birthday Cakes Sponsor
  • Food and/or Beverage Sponsor
  • Maybe something you wish for us to have? Contact us and let us know.

If you can support one of these please contact us by clicking here and letting us know your interest.